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Stefan Baumann's Ultimate Field Guide to Plein Air Painting

Stefan Baumann's Ultimate Field Guide to Plein Air Painting

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Purchase includes EXCLUSIVE monthly Field Guide Newsletter, Book Club Zoom Meeting with painting critique, and Book Club Facebook Group! 

Stefan Baumann's Ultimate Field Guide to Plein Air Painting goes above and beyond to deliver real practices for skill-hungry students and experienced artists.
Known around the world for his engaging YouTube videos, personal coaching and putting the "work" into workshops, Stefan has dispensed thousands of hours of inspiration, advice, techniques and methods to millions of students worldwide. 

This Field Guide brings it all together for plein air painters of all levels of experience using all colour mediums into a concise compilation.
Full of robust explanations of the Baumann Keys alongside 500 full-colour photos illustrating plein air painting, everything about colour temperature, seeing like an artist, the best gear and supplies, navigating artist block, using photography, travel tips, and deep insight for painting the multifaceted world of nature.

More than 70 years of painting experience are at your fingertips through the fusion of Stefan Baumann and author and artist Mairi Budreau. They address the human part of being an artist; the drive, the doubts, confidence and inspiration. From start to finish you hold a book that digs deep to bring out the painter within to the pure joy-filled love of painting outdoors.

ERIC RHOADS, publisher of Plein Air Magazine says, 
"Don't walk to the cash register - run! Then dig in because this guide is a ground -breaking, must-have, not just for new plein air painters, but for experienced ones as well.  

400 pages, 500 pictures 
Dimensions 8.5" x 5.5" x .75"

ISBN 978-1-990104-03-9

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