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Victorio's Wisdom - Awakening to the Spiritual Evolution

Victorio's Wisdom - Awakening to the Spiritual Evolution

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Victorio, a Warm Springs Apache leader who died in 1880, speaks from the spirit world with insightful and sometimes "butt-kicking" wisdom that is both candid and benevolent. He reaches out to those who suffer immediate and long term effects from old wars and cultural collision, and while his wisdom aims toward indigenous people, it is a message from which all nations can benefit.
122 pages 

This is a wise book. It is a prescient book. Personally speaking, its message is more universal than you might think, or might have though when writing it. 

The wisdom in the book comes through to me despite not knowing the messengers. That it comes through with the integrity and full force of direction it does speaks to the integrity and authenticity of the messengers. I believe in the message; I believe in the messengers. 
Thanks to you Mairi, and all, for bringing hope and inspiration to me, and into the world through Victorio's Wisdom at a time when it is so needed.      - Robert Drouin, Toronto Ontario

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